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BMW 319


History of this vehicle:

These small cabriolets were made on chassis awnings by the bodybuilder REUTTER of STUTTGARD on a command of the German army.
As far as this was concerned, he was brought back by a doctor who was a captain in the occupying forces. He had been assigned to him as a function vehicle and, in the general confusion that prevailed at that time, BERLIN with.
This vehicle remained in a garage at the end of hostilities in 1985, when we bought it.
Its restoration for 5 years (many defective or missing parts) and 1000 hours of work were necessary to carry out this restoration.

Work completed :

Chassis: complete dismantling protection and painting.
Engine: re-boring with piston and segment replacement, rebuilt shaft line with bearings, rectified cylinder head and 12-valve replacement, replaced water pump.
Radiator: beam replaced by a contemporary.
Box: disassembly replacement of all bearings.
Rear axle: disassembly replacement of bearings.
Brake: replacement of trim, cables and rectification of drums.
Suspension: removal of cleaning and painting blades, revision of hydraulic shock absorbers.
Direction: dismantling replacement of the rack rings.
Electricity: revised dynamo and starter, wiper motor replaced, wiring harness redone with vintage cotton thread.
Tire and rooms: new in MICHELIN vintage profile.
Bodywork: sandblasting, protection, painting.
Capote: remade by a professional with canvas and interior fabrics identical to the origin.
Chrome: redone;
Seats: Retired leather in perfect condition.
Since its restoration, it has covered 3000 km.

Tubular frame.
Body with wooden frame.
Engine 6 cylinders 2 liters tumbler 2 carburettors, 45 HP.
Box with 4 speeds of which 3 synchronized.
Rigid rear axle
Front and rear suspension with leaf springs and hydraulic shock absorbers.
Rack-and-pinion steering.
Cable brake.
Electrical system in 6 volts.

It was given for 115 KMH which at that time made it one of the fastest car on the market.

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