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Rolls Royce Silver Wraith Sedanca de ville 1947 with séparation chauffeur

SILVER WRAITH Sedanca de Ville ROLLS ROYCE with separation chauffeur in the colors of the English Royal family (black and Bordeaux).
It is the one thirteen modéle built by H.J. MULLINER in 1947 in this version.

The concept of a separated zone (a space in the air) for the driver dates caléches in medieval Europe. He allowed the host to see far off the livery of the coachman to identify the arriving people. Consequently the coachman was placed at the top and outdoors.
The term " Coupé de ville " was born in 19th century before the invention of the automobile.
The term " de ville " is French, he indicates that the vehicle is for the use in town or for the short distances. When added to the end of (la salle, the coupé, landaulet, sedanca etc.), " de ville " indicate that the summit of the compartment of the driver can be folded up, retracted, or removed otherwise(differently). As it is a vehicle for the use in town, the luggage compartment is not very voluminous.
The term "sedanca de ville" was presented by Count Carlos of Salamanca, Spanish distributor for Rolls-Royce, in 1923.
The definition of a sedanca includes a locker for both set squares serving as rail where comes to slide a canopy and which forms the roof of the part situated above the driver who is thus removable (retractable).

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